Information Needed


To complete your application in ONE visit, please email prior or bring to your application appointment the items listed below. These items apply to both you and your co-borrower. If you have not chosen your new home, but would like to be pre-approved, please send prior or bring only the items listed under “Employment & Personal Financial Information”. The materials requested are standard items needed to process your loan application. Taking the time to gather this information in advance will make the application and processing of your loan much faster. Please disregard any items that do not pertain to your situation…

If you are purchasing a home…

  • Signed copy of purchase agreement for the property
  • Copy of the earnest check, if possible
  • Estimate of annual property taxes for the property being purchased
  • Items listed under “Employment & Personal Financial Information”

If you are refinancing your home…

  • Copy of your existing survey, title insurance and homeowners policy
  • Copy of your recent property tax bills (Spring & Fall)
  • Items listed under “Employment & Personal Financial Information”
  • Copy of your most recent mortgage statement

If you would like to apply for a VA Loan…

  • Original Certification of Eligibility
  • Copy of Discharge Papers DD214 or Statement of Service if active
  • Name, address and phone number of nearest living relative

Employment & Personal Financial Information

  • Copy of Driver’s License(s) and evidence of Social Security Number(s)
  • Name, addresses and telephone numbers of your employer(s) during the past 2 years
  • Names, addresses and telephone numbers of the past 2 years residency
  • Paycheck stubs for the past 30 days (must be typed or computer generated and include your name or Social Security Number, year-to-date earnings and employer’s name)
  • Two previous year’s W-2 Tax Forms
  • If self-employed, signed Federal Tax Returns for the past 2 years complete with all supporting schedules (both personal and corporate) and current Profit & Loss
  • If dependent on income from bonuses, commissions, rental properties, alimony, interest, etc., your signed Federal Tax Returns for the past 2 years complete with all supporting schedules
  • Previous 2 months complete checking and savings statements from every bank and/or credit union where you have an account
  • Copies of information pertaining to liquidation of any assets being used towards your purchase (Stocks, 401K, Bonds, etc)
  • Copy of Divorce Decree(s) with judge’s signatures and proof of child support income or obligation and/or alimony obligation (copy of award letters, checks or court support ledgers)
  • Social Security or Retirement Benefit/Award letters, checks or court support ledgers
  • Bankruptcy Filings (full copy of papers and discharge)
  • If you have sold your present home to pay for your new home, a copy of the settlement statement
  • Information on other real estate property owned including property’s address, market value, mortgage holder’s name and address, account number of mortgage

If property is to be leased – Copy of Lease covering 12-month period

If Property is to be sold – Copy of Contract

If Property is sold – Certified Copy of Signed Closing Disclosure Statement

If Property is free and clear – Copy of Released Deed


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